Deimos Moon —Paralyzed Shut-Eye

St. Petersburg-based electronic band DEIMOS MOON proudly presents the new single entitled “Paralyzed Shut-Eye”.

1.Deimos Moon feat NEWta – Paralyzed Shut-Eye (Original)
2.Deimos Moon feat NEWta – Paralyzed Shut-Eye (N0_TiTLE Remix)
3.Deimos Moon feat NEWta – Paralyzed Shut-Eye (The Rattle Remix Dancecore version)

Cover Art – Anastasia Velikanova facebook

This single is a result of co-work with wonderful singer Nyura Pashkevitch-Tichina (NEWta), whose peculiar, slightly aloof vocals wonderfully blend with rough, driving electronic rhythm. Besides the original track the release includes two remixes: the first one made by Sergey Panin (N0_TiTLE), a composer and a member of band “Electronnoe oblako” (Electronic Cloud), the second remix was made in dancecore style by Aleksandre Zareichuk, a composer and founder of the band The Rattle. Life as a heavy, paralyzing dream, an desire to break through the fetter of the daily routine, these are the main ideas of the single. Rigid electronic sound can easily make a listener to dance, but that dance will be very dramatic, lacking any sign of lightness and joy.