The Livelong June — Friends

Single release on the subject of friendship is the first release on new label:
The Livelong June releases most important single so far!
02.Friends (Tolchock Remix)

The third single, called ‘Friends’ by The Livelong June makes up for an important release for the band. Firstly, it deals with the issues of friendship and supportiveness, secondly it is their first release on ScentAir Records.

The Livelong June recently signed with well renowned Russian indiependent electronic label ScentAir Records for a full-length album. The band’s third single is the first song to be released in this alliance. To further establish the band’s focus on intelligent, meaningful lyrics they release the thought-provoking song ‘Friends’.

Friends’ is about the friendship relations you are part of, placed in or gain in your life. It’s about sound friendship. What it should be like, and what you should do when it doesn’t give you strength, energy, confidence or safety anymore. In this song we once again share insights that have formed who we are and made it clear what we stand for, says Marcus Rejnevik, The Livelong June.

The single is backed up with a hard dance oriented remix by EBM veterans Tolchock.