Tatyana Fadina — Trust me

1.Trust me
2.Alone in Spaces

The author and composer Tatyana Fadina has released her first single exploring a new universe in the electronic genre.
The single ”Trust me” consists of two songs with radically different moods. Two opposite sides which take us in a journey from the dark to light colors of the soul.
The track “Trust me” is filled with powerful decisive energy, while “Alone in Spaces” inspires peace and quietness. A combination that is unique and suitable for completely different moments in life.
Interestingly the artcover is a photograph of a real painting painted by Fadina.
Tatyana Fadina is a singer, songwriter, composer and producer. Previously performing metal and hard rock, Fadina’s solo career began in January 2021. It was then that electronic elements began to prevail in her musical style.
Despite the singer’s decision to go solo in a new musical direction, she continues to write songs in different genres and still collaborates with various musicians, both new and those who were part of previously projects with her.