The Waltzing Dogs — My Love Deeper Than Space

1.My Love Deeper Than Space
2.My Love Deeper Than Space (Rummex Dance Remix)
3.Фея Вчерашнего Дня (v.2010) Fairy Of Yesterday

Veterans of the polysynthetic sound of The Waltzing Dogs from Izhevsk, the birthplace of the Kalashnikov assault rifle and the former capital of electronic music in Russia, are anticipating the release of a new album with the single My Love Deeper Than Space.
The release also includes a remix by Rummex and a version of the 2010 dark-synth action movie Fairy of Yesterday.
The theme of the tracks is the destructive power of love, and the style itself was designated by the author as Underground Space Pop. There is only one person in the project, who calls himself Jack the Waltzing Dog.