CL-20 feat. Antilav — What Doesn’t Kill You Today EP

01.Cosmos Canticle (Intro)
02.In The Rain
03.I’m Sorry
04.What Doesn’t Kill You Today (New Version)
05.What Doesn’t Kill You Today (Old Version)

This is a collaboration between two teams whose members have great respect for each other and are fans of each other’s work.
The album’s title track is presented in two different versions. The first is what he looked like in 2012. This was the first track that was completely and independently written by me. The second is its version with a more modern and high-quality sound.


CL-20 project was founded in 2016 by three persons bound by participation in Russian Dark Electronic scene parties.
There were three members:
Serguey Shubin
Svetlana Drawer
Alexander Fuswarmir

CL-20 is the strongest explosive to symbolize the Big Bang that started it all!

Initially the band positioned itself as a hobby project, so their music was a reflection of merely dance beats.
And the main topics for the texts were easy-to-understand life situations that were directly related to the informal club life of the early 2010s. The scene was going through hard times at that time, and all this was directly reflected in the work of the project.

The main part of the audience appeared later, when the band fluidly shifted from light dance electronic music to tougher social lyrics.
But wider fame came with the release of the mini-album “Isolation”, in which the team turned away from the intended path and introduced elements of orchestral and classical music into the music. Social lyrics became more poignant, the music acquired a recognizable style, and the quality of the material increased sharply. The tracks are featured on “Our Radio” in the “Hard Drive” podcast, on air on Argentine radio, and the project also gains listeners in Europe and the USA.
The project gained momentum until the early 2020s, but as a result of internal disagreements, it had to undergo a reshuffle in its lineup. The disagreements were due to the fact that all the material for the project was written by one person (Sergey Shubin), but despite this, the other two participants actively promoted their vision of the development of the group, which was at odds with the vision of the songwriter. At the moment, the project breathes only through the efforts of Sergei, and new participants in it play the role of session musicians participating in stage activities.

The project conception got finally shaped to its ultimate form. Its consistence is the endless meditation, the translation of deliberate vision of world from within human’s essense into the outer cosmos.
The subject matter of the texts is rooted in the study of the structure of society, the world order, and also realizes itself in the psychological and scientific approach to understanding the world. And also in the awareness of the immensity of the universe around us, which with its immensity inspires chthonic fear in an intelligent being accidentally endowed with the ability to think.