The Ecstatic Spells — Insomania

02.Insomania (Antilav Remix)

At the first blush Insomania is just a merger of the words ‘insomnia’ and ‘mania’. During listening to the new single by The Ecstatic Spells, you can understand that it’s about a certain state of mind. A state when a ghostly dream turns into obsession, despair burns out the soul and makes you throw yourself into the arms of deserted streets, vigilant loneliness becomes the only companion on midnight wanderings, and an ephemeral trail of hope lures you further into the labyrinths of madness.
The decadent atmosphere is complemented by the release cover. It was based on the photo of Krasnodar main street, where the band is from.
Remix of the title track was made by Ivan Derbenev from the gothic electro project Antilav. Performed in a more danceable vein it will surely take its rightful place in listeners’ playlists.
It’s impossible not to note the professionalism of Pavel Zolin who had a hand in this release as a sound engineer. The cooperation of musicians with the legend of the Russian ‘dark scene’ definitely affected the quality of work in the most favorable way.


Alexander Demidov – vocals, keyboards;
Alexander Bondarenko – guitar, synthesizers, programming;
Oleg Shopin – bass, guitars.

Lyrics by Alexander Demidov.
Music by Alexander Bondarenko & Alexander Demidov.

Photo by Nikolay Geraschenko.
Cover design by Alora Jery & Satvrn Brvt.

Recorded by Dmitry Barykin at NewAstralDimension Records.




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