V/A Synth Radio Vol.6 (SA045)

01. Rayphonic – Поставьте Сердце
02. StopTalk – Elizabeth is Gone
03. Digital Machine – Солдат
04. Simple Cut – Tonight
05. Logika Metro – Февраль
06. Pegasus Asteroid – The Fog
07. WANT/ed – Hard to Breathe
08. Mental Discipline – End of Days
09. Cosmopolite – Не Держи
10. 64 Rockets – Мы Будем Ждать (Напрасная Юность Cover)
11. Radiomun – Tantrium
12. Bourbon Show – Void
13. DekaLog – Биоробот
14. SaveTheCryingGoddess! – Girl That Didn’t Become Ex-Girlfriend
15. Saint Gooseberry – Sick Image (Kill The Lust)
16. Sparky4 – Chains

REVIEW from electrozine.net (DE): Kam die Review zum Vorgänger noch arg verspätet, wird die 2015er Ausgabe der russischen Compilation mit nicht mal drei Monaten Verzögerung doch geradezu zeitnah besprochen. Hier kommen die Details zu dieser erneut tollen Gelegenheit, die blühende russische Synthie-Szene besser kennenzulernen… Read more

Synth Radio presents the sixth annual compilation of synthetic music – Synth Radio Vol.6! It’ll be traditionaly released on february 23, 2015!

Here on Synth Radio Vol.6 we have 16 absolutely new and excluseive tracks from the different sides of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Among the others the compilation includes tracks from such bands as Mental Discipline, Digital Machine, Logika Metro, StopTalk, Simple Cut, WANT/ed, Cosmopolite and more!


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