Rockets LBM Project — Universe One (SA131)

01.No Recall
02.Universe One
03.Star Gate
04.Commander LBM
05.Beautiful Night
06.The Mirror
08.Neutron Star
9.Star Command
10.Alien Dawn
11.Looking For You
12.Astronaut Story

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Review from Darkroom Magazine

This album is a story about the spaceship Akruse , the lost spaceship of a special fleet , that having gone too far beyond our galaxy , was carried away into the deep space at 27h% of the speed of light.
Luca Bestetti – LBM ( former 6 years lead singer of ROCKETS – Lyrics- Vocals – Composer – Arrangements ), great space artist , singer and song wrighter , who is also the former lead singer of the famous band Rockets agreed to embrace this project with Dmitriy Nelepin a Russian composer and multi talented musician and to be part in the making of this new great concept album



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Limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies on 140 gm double black vinyl.

Universe one was created by :
Luca Bestetti-management, lyrics,vocals.
Dmitriy Nelepin- story ,arrangement, sound.
Inessa Shavrovskaya-helped in working with analog synthesizers and the second vocoder sampler.
Special thanks from our team , our fans who very patiently waited all this time , Simone Paleari sound engineer, and mostly to Vladimir Romanov, head of ScentAir Records label and his team for their help in promoting our album.