ETH — Somewhere But Here (SA140)

1.Better Left For Dead
2.White Lies
3.For All The Wrong Intentions
4.Smallest Little Things
5.Try To Stay Alert
6.The Memoir
7.Without You
8.All Must Come To An End

Frontman and vocalist of Supercraft is ready to release his first solo album
Review from Bodystyler

ETH`s debut album «Somewhere But Here» will soon be released on ScentAir records. Behind the alias ETH is Egil Thomas Hansen, vocalist and programmer of Supercraft from Norway.

After almost 12 years in the synthpop/futurepop scene as a part of the duo Supercraft, Thomas has finally completed his long planned album «Somewhere But Here». For people familiar with Supercraft, you will find also here futurepop, but also songs containing a more acoustic approach.