Chemical Waves — Lasting Forever (SA142)

02.Slit (feat. Ill Humans)
03.To The Deep (feat.Pedro/Iamtheshadow)
04.Chains (feat. Gentle Ropes)
05.Ghost And A Memory (feat. L’Avenir)
06.On My Knees (feat.Pedro/Iamtheshadow)
07.Lasting Forever (Instrumental)
08.Statues (feat. The Sea At Midnight)
09.Four Years (feat. Kiss Of The Whip)
10.Until The End Of Time (Instrumental)

Bonus track:
11 Strip (Rough Demo Bonus Track)
available in digital version and limited edition cassette
12 The Hidden Kisses (Bonus Track)
available only in limited edition cassette
13 Statues (Alt Version Demo Mix)
available only in limited edition cassette

A sound with post-punk, darkwave and coldwave echoes, so deep and intense in decadent atmospheres, dark hues in a dark landscapes. Immerse yourself in intense emotions, sometimes warm and sometimes glacial. The Chemical Waves that you are inhaling in your body will leave you with an indelible trace. It’s a project of Marco Cattani, member of HALO EFFECT and THE MARK.

There are things destined to last forever. Things that remain in memory, inextricably linked to fragments of life, to memories, flavors, colors and emotions. “Lasting Forever” is a journey inside a photo album that, track after track, recalls stories, like a sequence of snapshots. An album full of great international guests, ranging from different shades and genres, darkwave, cold-wave, new-wave, and intimate instrumental textures. Like in a collection of the best songs by each artist, this work brings together some of the most successful performances of each guest and many songs destined to remain impressed over time. After the success of the previous one, “Even When We Fall Apart”, Chemical Waves, Marco Cattani’s project (HALO EFFECT and THE MARK), returns with an exciting new album that will not disappoint its listeners and will surprise the new ones.
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