Empire State Human — Night Boy Remixes (SA143)

1.Night Boy (Cyber Monday Synthwave Remind)
2.Night Boy (Steven OLaf Mix)
3.Night Boy (Karrade Cassette Pop Mix)
4.Night Boy (Fragments Remix)
5.Night Boy (Brand New Lovers Remix)
6.Night Boy (Empire State Human Remix)

Empire State Human and ScentAir Records are proud to announce that release of a brand new EP called ‘Night Boy: Remixes’. These are the extremely danceable results of a recent remix competition held exclusively on Facebook, with the winners joining completed remixes by Aidan Casserly’s new synthwave project ‘Brand New Lovers‘ and a new remix by ‘Empire State Human ‘ themselves.
‘Night Boy’ is a song from ESH’s ‘ROMO’ album [ScentAir Records] releases in 2017. Written about the London Blitz Club /New Romantic era of the early 1980s, its winners and losers and influence.
This promo EP is exclusive to ScentAir Records, in advance of a brand new ESH single called ‘The Naming Of Blue’, taken from a CD ESH Best Of [years 2012-2020] called ‘Primo’.


Mastered by Maurizio Pustianaz, with beautiful artwork by House Of Art.