Mind.Area— No Enemy Of Progress (SA154)

01.Enemy Of Progress
02.Gone Life
05.Muggler Heart
06.World Without
09.Bio Machines

Good news for smart dark electronic music lovers:
mind.area brings again a new album of intelligent dark electro music. With a body of work of 3 full length albums and 6 EPs to date, mind.area has shown, a very good sense for emotional deep, dark twisted electro sounds.

Never simple, often seemingly complicated in the first listen, you have to explore all the variations in the sounds and the big productions skills over the time and time. If you get through you will get the big reward of hidden hits and places you can`t normally explore in music. You can now dive deeper into the fascinating world of mind.area with the new album.
Complete new innovative fresh sounding music, for dark electro fans loving the correct sounds.
The blubbering hardcoreness of prophet enemy of destruction marks a strong starting point into the album, that gives a midtempo groove that shows the harder side of MA.
gone life is a spheric synth pop meets industrial tune, that feels like a current update of Haujobb in its perfectly fitting samplework, to the beatifull in space flying soundspheres. A pleasant second track to get deeper in the world of the new Album.
Failure, is the opposite of its title. An uptempo electro Industrial House Tune in the beginning. The sensitive vocals of Maikko are totally perfect fitting here. Showing a strong emotional side of the project that is totally welcome in a faster track like this. absolute highlight in the MA discography!!!!!
parasite is future pop that crawls slowly at first brings in modern drum`n Bass beats and swims in that to a cool dancy track from front to end.
muggler heart with its strong bassline complicated hip hop beats is a more experimental track, that evolves with divine short tones of a floating soundscape, kraftwerkesque sounds. a very pretty instrumental to slow down a bit.
then a darker twisted world without comes. its very loaded with perfect production skills and interessting unique sounddesign that melts together to a lovely uneasy, smart dark disco pop song.
Staccato ebm in very modern form is found in rethoric and surely it gets harder again now. A track catchy, yet far away being simple song. High end ebm suitable for the crazy times we living in. A track that would be a highlight on newer Skinny Puppy/Front Line Assembly albums. What don`t speak against new Puppy and Assembly productions, but strongly for this ultra modern ebm track!!!!
An update of a music icon is also the next instrumental track. mention lets me think of Kraftwerk and is far more movable and vivid than the known tracks of the 70is electro/techno heroes, but share their ethics and so is a superb retro-dance track.
Back from the past to the science fiction future of bio machines. A cool groovy burner track living from spooky mood and vocals here. other worldly, alienated sounds that catch open minded ghosts. next level dark electro for forward thinkers.
A perfect ending marks water the paranoic ebm is crawling deep into your mind before the album stops. this one stomps over you with no sorrow and implodes at the end when perfectly only the beats are running and turning everything back again just to stop soon after.



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