Moya81 — Hexatomos (SA162)

1.Metropolis 06:21
2.Advanced Discoveries 08:25
3.Obsesion (Hexatomos) 05:31
4.Destination 05:25
5.Now Is Time 06:24
6.Action of Love 07:20
7.Destiny Unknown 04:35
8.Seekers 06:30
9.Manifestation 03:09

Synthetic sounds,Expansion of the mind,Intelligent art,Creation of the unknown. Hexatomos is a 53.46 min. album experience, the newest strong album release by MOYA81 on ScentAir records.

Nine synthetic tracks and poems with that analogue ’80s sound that will take you on a trip into the neo-futurism and visions of a dreamed humankind working in perfect communion with nature and the most advanced technology. Possible visions of the future or unconscious memories of a beautiful past that the history has forgotten.
Limited Edition 100 CD’s in digi-sleeve and 15 audio tapes.


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