Angry Pete — Lost In Reality (SA184)

1.Searching For The Simple Life
2.Run Away With Me
3.The Hamster Wheel
4.Losing My Favourite Game (lbmvrsn)
6.Going Nowhere
7.Give Me More
8.The Trip
9.Gotta Get Away

Angry Pete is a German new wave artist who blends electropop and post-punk influences with 80s nostalgia and synth-pop sounds to create his own unique style.

His new album Lost In Reality tells a story about the existential vagueness of life. Are we all searching for something indeterminate that seems to fade away behind the struggles of daily life? Are we doomed to be bored? Are we all hoping to escape from reality via substance abuse, love or even pain? Angry Pete is trying to find something that could give meaning to this mundane life. Something to believe in. If your soul is tired of the pain, if you feel numb and powerless, just trying to get some sleep and to dream, if you know that things can only get better while you try to navigate the murky path ahead – you are Lost In Reality.

March 2021 saw the release of Angry Pete’s debut EP Destination Unknown and soon after, he started working on his debut album Misanthrope which was released in January 2022. The release has been met with great response and the album was acclaimed by critics and music lovers alike.

Angry Pete churns out banging tunes, brimming with catchy melodies and relentlessly pushing beats and driving basslines. The tracks offer a vibrant mix that will get stuck in your head for days.