BIO — 1987 556 25 7 (SA192)

1.Rails, Sleepers
2.Subway Tunnels
3.Our Glorious Country
4.Electric Current
7.Cloud Atlas (Bio Version)
8.Snow Romance
9.The Last Space Warrior
10.She (Riddle)
11.Early Morning

The album “1987 556 25 7” brings together songs written between 2022 and 2024 and is associated with nostalgic reflections on a time when much was not yet decided, but much was changing. The title of the album shows an almost mathematical relationship between events and phenomena.

When recording the album, the following instruments (and their sounds) of the 80s were used: Roland Juno 106, Yamaha SY99, Yamaha RX7, Alesis SR16, Yamaha DX100, Yamaha TG33, as well as: Polivox, Alisa 1387, Estradin.

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Music and lyrics – Alexander Yakovlev, except
“5” – words by Alexander Yakovlev, Olga Voskonyan, “7” – words by Olga Voskonyan, “9” words – Oleg Kostrov.
Alexander Yakovlev – vocals, synthesizers, computer
Olga Voskonyan – vocals, synthesizers.