Wireframes — Keep Your Eyes on The Stars (SA003)

01. Black
02. Can You Feel ?
03. Someone Will Hold You On
04. Terrariun
05. All My Life for that
06. Night Shift
07. All The Battles And The Shame We Made
08. Wire
09. Water Thru Me
10. 87
11. Eye Movements
12. Eys On The Stars
13. Perfect
14. Fall
15. Terra Forming part 1[ Implant ]
16. Terra Forming part 2 [ Flying Objects ]


WIREFRAMES is the name of the new music project created by Ania Dondalska (Torun, Poland) and Carlo Bucciarelli (Rome, Italy) during fall 2010. Centered on their common passion for electro and progressive trance sounds, the project sets on through the realization of a number of brand-new tracks, featuring a robust synthetic backbone with a definite up-tempo character. Combining the strengths of live electronica and DJ performance the duo produces innovative music with non-polarized mindsets and a number of various sonic references. The resulting sound is an organic mix of dancefloor-ready textures and deep and evolving soundscapes, complemented with either male or female vocals and airy melodies.

As the name “wireframes” calls to mind a modeled structure used for the representation of complex objects from the real world, the project inspires multi-layered visions driven by the imagination through music structures that are either linear or modular, targeted for an international audience.

Wireframes debut album “Keep Your Eyes On The Stars” has been released by Russian label ScentAir Records in physical format in year 2011. It features 16 ecstatic and mesmerizing tunes that span across electro and trance.