Gekata —Et Choris Mortuis (SA166)

1.In Flamma
2.Memento Mori
3.Ех Oriete Lux
4.Ad Tenebris
5.Terra incognita
6.Et Choris Mortuis
7.Tristis Terram
8.Lets ‘ledo In Via
9.Sol Lucet Omnibus
10.Ancaris (remix)

The new album of the joint project of Sergei Korotaev (Holocoder, Syncore), Natalia Korotaeva and Oleg Sergeev (Holocoder, SHTURM), which was named “Et Choris Mortuis”.

The ritual techno and spells of the vocalist in Latin will not leave indifferent all former fans, but will also gain new ones.
“I will speak with you as with the dead,” the vocalist exhorts, “so I will speak honestly.”