Alien Skin

Put Your Lips On My Lips (SA176)

1.Kiss. Kiss, Kiss
2.Cleopatra (I Don’t Love You)
3.Formed By Your Hands
4.This Happy Life
5.Put Your Lips On My Lips
6.Yes She Does
7.The Greatest Lie
8.Beneath The Funeral Skies
10.Halfway Cross The Sky


“Cleopatra, for her amusement, stuck a golden needle in her slave girl’s breast”.
I read that line in Dostoyevsky’s novel, ‘Notes from the Undergound’. I adopted
it for a song lyric setting in motion the beginnings of a new album. The peasant girl
from Domrémy burnt at the stake under funeral skies, from Mark Twain’s
‘Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc’, had me emotionally stirred.

Consuming 101 audiobook-novels and listening to volumes of electro-gothic-goodness
from a certain not-to-be-named band during lockdowns, galvanized this literary and
music inspiration, materializing as the album, ‘Put Your Lips On My Lips’.

Ultimately, the album is a dedication to Irene, my late wife and favourite human
whose life ended in 2020. It has no rigid narrative but the totality of the work expresses
in atmosphere, in melody, in lyric, a state of existence – my reality in the moment.

‘Put Your Lips On My Lips’ began life in October 2021 and was fully realized, grown up
and ready to leave home by November’s end. It was so spontaneous and organic in its
writing, performance and production – almost automatic – that I barely remember
making it.

For me, the album is a random diary and archive of my favourite tunes, vocals,
synth works, atmosphere and rhythm. And it’s an accessible Alien Skin listen to boot.

My gratitude to ScentAir Records, Moscow, for their continuing belief in and support
of what I do. I hope you enjoy this 10 song experience with us.

~George, March 2022


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