WANT/ed — Nothing To Fear

The new, 17th single WANT/ed opens the team’s latest history.

Again working together with the Swedish singer Tomas Gustafsson from Erotic Elk reveals the guys in the new approach to music.

01 Nothing To Fear [single version]
music: WANT/ed
vocal, text & lyrics: Tomas Gustafsson
guitars: Tomas Gustafsson

02 Nothing To Fear [Erotic Elk Remix]
remixed: Fredrik Sigeback

03 Start To Leave [Acoustic version]
guitars & vocals: Tomas Gustafsson
keyboards: Fredrik Sigeback
text: Evgeniy Rodionov

04 Nothing To Fear [Acoustic version]
guitars & vocals: Tomas Gustafsson

mixing & mastering at ALIVE Studio: Serge_S

cover: Maxim Zhokhov