• Insight - A Light In The Darkness

    Insight is the music project of Raul Munoz-Torrero. Insight born in 2012 when after being part of several synthpop bands I decided to start composing songs on my own.

    "A light in the darkness" Insight debut album, is to feature 16 tracks including remixes from producers and synthpop bands like Cyborgdrive, Techni-ka, Alexis Voice, NeoSynth, In Good Faith or Technique.

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  • Telegraph - Beyond Good And Evil (SA073)

    Telegraph is an Italian electronic band characterized by marked synthpop influences and heavily inspired by the New Wave movement.

    From a musical point of view, ‘Beyond Good and Evil’ is everything but minimalistic, characterized by rich electronic arrangements and multiple textures of melodies and orchestrations. The retro-futuristic style recalls many ‘80s pop icons, such as Ultravox, Depeche Mode, Simple Minds or Gary Numan, without lacking more modern rock and industrial influences.

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  • Nordika - Blut

    "Blut" is the name of the new release of Nordika, “Blut"album is a double disc edition, the definitive edition, which includes 13 tracks on each CD, the first disc includes 5 new unreleased tracks, and the best 8-track editing Limited "Blaues Blut" launched in September 2015, including the contributions of important artists such as Fly feat. Henrik Iversen, Illumination feat. Felix Marc (Top 8 GEWC) and Delirious Passion feat. Alex braun (Top 10 GEWC). Disc 2 includes 13 exclusive remixes for the first time available on CD with important bands like Les Anges de la Nuit, Purple Fog Side, Ien Oblique (GEWC top 8 with the remix of illumination), Spektralized, Vanguard, Ruined Conflict, Oren Amram Pegasus Asteroid, Twisted Destiny, Requiem4FM, Want/ED.

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Last releases

Beyond Good And Evil
Release date: 29.04.2016
Catalog Number: SA073
Format: CD (golden plated)

Every Silver Lining
Release date: 08.04.2016
Catalog Number: SA072
Format: Free EP

The Book Pt. III: Heaven Shall Be
Release date: 25.03.2016
Catalog Number: SA071
Format: CD (golden plated)

Release date: 16.03.2016
Catalog Number: SA070
Format: 2CDs (golden plated)