• Kasper Hate - Wolf Skill

    Kasper Hate describes his roots in Trip-Hop and the Grunge Music of the late 90s as well as in different genres of electronic music. After several digital singles and album releases in collaboration with different labels the first physical album Wolf Skill is here and comes with a vengeance.

    The album comes up with electronic music in all its different shapes. The distinctive voice and inimitable lyrics plus the fact that Kasper Hate knowingly plays with the concept not being limited to one musical genre or era creates a deep, sometimes eerie sound whose uniqueness differs Kasper Hate from most of today’s Electronic (Dance) Music and Synth Projects. Wolf Skill is a genuinely powerful, massively electronic but at the same time a very intimate musical experience.

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  • A.I. Zero - Reality Design

    The debut release of the German project AI-Zero (based by Maikko A., a part of «Human Decay» and «mind.area» bands together with his collaborator Flesh Wire) is a work in the genre, which the authors called «cyberpop».

    This is the rigid texts criticizing the existing orderliness and singing hymns to it, sometimes calling to choose which side you will be in the end, it's a dark vocals and sampled guitar clang.

    This is music that can cause association with «Skinny Puppy» as easily as recall the "voluminous" epics about the future by «Mind In a Box».

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  • Radiomun - Tot on the Mun

    Do you like to trip? What about walking on the Moon? Walking on the Moon listening to music, specifically listening to a new Radiomun's album (Kaliningrad, Russia)!

    Senses born by this peculiar genre mixture would take you further and higher than just a journey to another country. It is a landing on another planet and a deep dive into yourself at the same time.

    Think that we're gonna bring you into trance with monotonic drone? Wrong! We're gonna provoke a huge energy stream inside you, make you move and imagine richly! Because Radiomun can do that.

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