• Radiomun - Tot on the Mun

    Do you like to trip? What about walking on the Moon? Walking on the Moon listening to music, specifically listening to a new Radiomun's album (Kaliningrad, Russia)!

    Senses born by this peculiar genre mixture would take you further and higher than just a journey to another country. It is a landing on another planet and a deep dive into yourself at the same time.

    Think that we're gonna bring you into trance with monotonic drone? Wrong! We're gonna provoke a huge energy stream inside you, make you move and imagine richly! Because Radiomun can do that.

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  • United and Identified - Moments of Evolution

    United and Identified announced the release of their new album “Moments of Evolution”.The album has 10 new tracks and 2 tracks which originate of the E.P. “A the border of the line”, released in 2012.

    “It has taken us a long time to finalize the album” says Steve, “but I am happy with results. As an artist you are never really finished with your music, so at a certain point the other members convinced me to talk things to the next level and release the album. The album brings the fans of cross over future pop, synthpop and dance a real bang for the buck. It continues the direction United and identified started back in late 2012 and has the potential of delivering a couple of dance floor killers for all the dj’s out there.

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  • Electro Planet - Way to the Planet

    «Way To The Planet» - the name of the debut album by russian electro-romantic band Electro Planet, which was released on April 25! From the romantic synthpop melodies to the energetic rhythms of dance music - such paints reveals itself Electro Planet on this release. «Way To The Planet» is the start point for the band, the first step of the "Way". Energy and romantic melancholy, nostalgia and futuristic rhythms, but most importantly - sincere stories about simple but important nature feelings of long journey romantic wanderers. A journey that was slightly forgotten nowadays of neon lights.

    The Mood of the city lights at night, dark starry sky and distant cosmic wanderings - in the lonely dreams and inner feelings. Forward to the boundless world of sound and space! Want to bepart of the universe? Welcome to Electro Planet! Godspeed!

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