• Kasper Hate - Raw Patchouli (SA060)

    After the critically acclaimed physical release debut “WolfSkill” (2014) the German Electro /Synth-Pop Band Kasper Hate are ready to release their second CD album in cooperation with Scentair Records

    The 13-Song Album is called “Raw Patchouli” and the title definitely characterizes the whole album concept in it’s (Kasper Hate – typical) broadly-based musical diversity. The great and gritty mixture from retro-synth sounds and modern electronic tunes, cold and elegiac ballads followed by fist-pumping (sometimes industrial-related) EBM tracks, eerie pitched vocals and cleverly knitted cores of catchy melodies and rhythms will prove that the music of Kasper Hate is more than an insider’s tip but rather has to be heard!

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  • Vogon Poetry - The Prefect Stories

    In 2014, Vogon Poetry released the very well received debut album “Don’t Panic” including true synthpop gems like The Diceman, A Fine Day and Time Machine. The band has since then worked on new material and the single/EP Never Too Late was released on Scent-Air records on the 24th of july. On The Prefect Stories, Vogon Poetry takes on a somewhat darker and dirtier approach.

    The Prefect Stories consists of 9 tracks that spans a wide spectre within the electro pop genre, such as sci-fi themed electropop hit “Hyperspace Bypass”, the more sombre Never Too Late and synthpop gem Moments. The album delivers both dark and gloomy tracks such as “The great big nothing” and energetic up beat tunes such as “Afraid”.

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  • Alkemic Generator - Mechanical Reflections

    Afer debut with “The Oniric Geometry”, Alkemic Generator emerges with new ideas wrapped within “Mechanical Reflections” . The band enriches EBM sound with a powerful female voice that enlightens story about the past, present and future, supported by a strong guitar sounds all the time. On the 2nd lbum, Alkemic Generator seeks for the innovations in the musical arrangements and introduces beats not frequently used by electronic musiians. Particular note to this album gives a collaboration with with well knon artists from the EBM world, such as Aesthetic Perfectonand C-Lekkto. Time will reflect mechanically a particularity of a new release signed by Alkemic Generator.

    Alkemic Generator is an Italian trio that fuses EBM together with Gothic sounds, the structures of Rock character, combining them with operatic female vocals.

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Last releases

Kasper Hate
Raw Patchouli
Release date: 18.09.2015
Catalog Number: SA060
Format: CD (golden plated)

Empty Streets
Release date: 31.08.2015
Catalog Number: SA059
Format: WEB single

Vogon Poetry
The Prefect Stories
Release date: 28.08.2015
Catalog Number: SA058
Format: CD (golden plated)

Follow EP
Release date: 17.07.2015
Catalog Number: SA057
Format: WEB single