• Alkemic Generator - Mechanical Reflections

    Afer debut with “The Oniric Geometry”, Alkemic Generator emerges with new ideas wrapped within “Mechanical Reflections” . The band enriches EBM sound with a powerful female voice that enlightens story about the past, present and future, supported by a strong guitar sounds all the time. On the 2nd lbum, Alkemic Generator seeks for the innovations in the musical arrangements and introduces beats not frequently used by electronic musiians. Particular note to this album gives a collaboration with with well knon artists from the EBM world, such as Aesthetic Perfectonand C-Lekkto. Time will reflect mechanically a particularity of a new release signed by Alkemic Generator.

    Alkemic Generator is an Italian trio that fuses EBM together with Gothic sounds, the structures of Rock character, combining them with operatic female vocals.

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  • RedLine - Mind’s Garden (SA049)

    RedLine is the result of a creative collaboration of two musicians who love electronic music. Taking elements from futurepop, synthpop and electro-industrial the duo has own musical style. Released in 2012 debut album “Soul Gravity” and in 2013 EP “Horizons” RedLine presents new album “Mind’s Garden”.

    Mind’s Garden is 11 tracks offering the listener to take a trip to the far corners of consciousness, visit the strange and mysterious places and even a glimpse into the future of mankind.

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  • mind.area - Glowing Grey

    mind.area - a german project established in 2004 - has proved a recipe for bringing fine tunes to the demanding electro-crowd. In the past, two albums and five eps have build a good reputation and now it's time to reveal the new works. With "Glowing grey" mastermind Maikko A. - also known as a member of Human Decay and A.I.Zero - once again shows his ability to produce fascinating, multi-layered soundscapes where razor-sharp and sometimes disturbing structures meet fine melodies.

    In each and every of the eleven tracks you can discover sci-fi-atmospheres, strong rhythms and catchy frequencies, always combined with a small and warm human touch that brings life to these artificial constructions. A further aspect in presenting an extra amounts of human influence and variety are for sure the many guests who helped Maikko A. to create this album.

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Last releases

NEW!!! Vaylon
Release date: 16.06.2015
Catalog Number: SA055
Format: WEB single

NEW!!! Saint Gooseberry
React EP
Release date: 22.05.2015
Catalog Number: SA052
Format: WEB release

NEW!!! Radiomun
Radiomun Season - The Remix 2015
Release date: 06.05.2015
Catalog Number: SA051
Format: WEB release

NEW!!! RedLine
Mind’s Garden
Release date: 17.04.2015
Catalog Number: SA049
Format: CD (golden plated)