• Reflection - Theorema (SA068)

    “THEOREMA”, their debut album, is to feature 13 tracks in Spanish, 1 track in collaboration with Henrik Iversen (from NamNamBulu), and 2 bonus in English.

    Reflection, is an argentinian techno synth pop duo that was formed in 2011 by Franco Doglioli and Franco Colombo. A musical project which has been borned of two energies coming from different paths but profound common features and ideas, which decide to merge, to create a new concept in the latin techno pop with synthpop rooted basis, by focusing on providing quality, both melodic and vocal, with letters which transport his audience to different environments and climates, with theatrical touches and attention to aesthetic details.

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  • 8IGHT - Hidden Traces

    8IGHT is a project of Daniel and Markus based in Potsdam/Germany. They both follow their musical line in a more old-fashioned electronic way since they started back in 1993 with a band,that was called 'No Decay'. While they try to combine old and new musically technologies, the most important thing for them is and always will be the song itself.

    'HIDDEN TRACES' is not, what you can call a conceptional album. It's more a compilation of tracks they recorded in the past couple of years. Although they already released some of these tracks digitally on their own label Dama Recordings, this will be their first physical release.

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  • Technique - Touching The Void

    “Touching the void”'s 10 tracks are each a solid composition in their own right. The album's general groove and beat is suitable for casual listening, bouts of dancing, long day or night drives, and more-or-less any circumstance one could imagine. It sounds every bit as good as the singles from the subgenre's progenitors, and manages to have a surprising amount of variety, something at which the artists of the early nineties were not always successful.

    “We tried to create an atmosphere of the origins of synthpop,” Technique writes, laying out the following list describing their idea of said origins, their own sequence here preserved: Depeche Mode; New Order; Kraftwerk; Pet Shop Boys. This combination produces an amalgam that one might expect, but not expect to hear in such quality.

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Last releases

Release date: 05.02.2016
Catalog Number: SA068
Format: CD (golden plated)

Last Exit
Release date: 30.12.2015
Catalog Number: SA067
Format: WEB single

Hidden Traces
Release date: 25.12.2015
Catalog Number: SA066
Format: CD (golden plated)

Touching The Void
Release date: 18.12.2015
Catalog Number: SA065
Format: CD (golden plated)