About us

ScentAir Records — the Moscow label focused on release and promotion of electronic music. The high-priority goal is to help musicians, authors of qualitative music to discover a talent for the masses. Not the name and popularity, but the talent of the performer is the major item in a choice of material for the further album.

ScentAir Records is a group of enthusiasts who have been forming their music taste for many years. This passion has the beginning in the distant 80s, when the auditory first time discovered Depeche Mode, Camouflage, Kraftwerk, Yazoo and such styles in music, as synth-pop, new-wave, electro-pop.

The further interweaving of styles led to the appearing of new directions: dark-wave, EBM, dark-pop, techno, future-pop. Unfortunately, the majority of the modern listeners are far from all these varieties, as they limit themselves with narrow industrial boundaries interested in profit-making only. Our objective is to open before the listener the boundless world of music, its variety as well as to help talented musicians to be heard and on dignity estimated. Our goal is to discover the infinite music world, its variety in front of the listener as well as to help the talented musicians to be heard and appreciated at their true value.

Mixing and mastering*:

*We have a very special offer for our label residents!

Professional equipment and an experienced engineer are crucial when mixing or mastering, however, what truly gives music its heart is creativity and soul. That’s why we’ve put so much effort into creating a studio workflow that allows and inspires the creative process. We provide hassle and stress free communication which allows each artist to focus on creating the sound they want.

Our engineers will master one of your songs and send back a 1-2 minute preview of the final master version at no cost. That way you can hear the professional sound and sonic clarity our engineers will bring out in your music.

Ask more at scentairrecords@yandex.ru

Welcome to cooperate music bands and labels with the specific of synth, future, dark wave, EBM, electro trends.

E-mail: scentairrecords@yandex.ru


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