About us

ScentAir Records is a Moscow label focused on the release and promotion of electronic music. Our primary goal is to help musicians, producers of quality music, present their talent to a world audience. We are more interested in the abilities of the artist and the strength of their music than their ‘name’ or popularity, when releasing albums.

ScentAir Records is a group of enthusiasts whose music tastes have been shaped over many years. Our passion began in the early 80s upon hearing artists such as Depeche Mode, Camouflage, Kraftwerk, Yazoo and the synth-pop, new-wave and electro-pop genres in general.

Further interweaving of styles led to the emergence of new directions: dark-wave, EBM, dark-pop, techno, future-pop. Unfortunately, the majority of current day listeners are unaware of this existing diversity as the corporate music industry, guided solely by profit, limits people’s access to discovering these genres by narrowly focusing on commercial and often crass, generic music, and therefore shaping people’s tastes accordingly. Our objective is to introduce listeners to the infinite and diverse world of music, as well as help talented musicians be heard and appreciated.

Mastering and Information Services*

For Label artists we offer mixing and mastering services on unprecedented conditions. Details at scentairrecords@yandex.ru

Mastering music is a specialized final process that eliminates the smallest defects of an electronic recording and prepares it for replication. The purpose of mastering is to balance sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats. The result should be a harmonious and sonically comfortable experience for the listener. However, mastering in itself is not capable of making poorly mixed recordings sound good. Therefore, recording and mixing should be done at high professional levels.

Why is it worth mastering and mixing tracks with us?

We guarantee customers impeccable quality at quite affordable prices! We offer favorable conditions for cooperation to both professional performers and amateur musicians.
We master using high-quality modern analog and digital equipment in rooms with optimal acoustic conditions.
Our sound engineers have years of experience allowing us to perfectly complete a project of any complexity.

For all questions, please contact scentairrecords@yandex.ru

We master recordings for artists and labels in the genres of synth, future, dark wave, EBM, electro.

E-mail: scentairrecords@yandex.ru


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