Lie Detector —Thank You For Everything

1.За все спасибо ( Erix synth pop version)
2.За все спасибо ( original version)
3.За все спасибо (Юность version )
4.За все спасибо (tactile disorder black version)
5.За все спасибо ( tactile disorder white version )

Viktor Shchezhin-Burko (VIKToR) and the Ufa & Moscow’s most eclectic synth outfit LIE DETECTOR present to you their new work – a maxi-single (ЗА ВСЁ СПАСИБО) THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.
As always, VIKToR and the team showcase their unique talent in a completely original way. This maxi-single doesn’t feature one new track and it’s various remixes – each track on this release is a completely different take on the lead track THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. Each version of this song was rearranged and re-sung, so that each vocal performance is tailored to the instrumental.
We hope that you will enjoy this work as much as we do, since the songs have no double-triple meanings – everything is crystal clear and can be understood by many, as the songs are dedicated to regular human relationships.