Die Braut — We Belong To The Sun EP

1.We Belong To The Sun
3.We Belong To The Sun (Sincro Remix)
4.We Belong To The Sun (Nordika Remix)
5.We Belong To The Sun (Reconstructed By Beyond Border)
6.Origins (Industrial Version By Nuklear Kontrol)
7.We Belong To The Sun (Vioflesh Remix)
8.We Belong To The Sun (Uplift Remix By Braulio Stefield)

In the midst of a pandemic, DIE BRAUT’s new single called “WE BELONG TO THE SUN” is born.
This is an EP that is dedicated to our beautiful northern and southern Americas continents, where we still know of indigenous settlements that are fighting for their existence in their respective territories. This is how we wanted to go back in time, gather information from indigenous stories and legends and interpret them through electronic music, as usual. “We belong to the Sun” track is based on a Mexican children’s story that talks about the creation of one of the most important elements for the life of all living beings, the Sun; and it turns out to be a track that makes sense when we have been confined for more than a year!, a time that has allowed us to value the simple things and at the same time essential for our existence. Along with this track, we wanted to add “ORIGINS” which aims to describe the American Indian, his worldview, his history, and show the agony suffered by our native peoples, possibly destined to succumb to the overwhelming culture of consumption. Remembering our roots allows us to connect with the simple such as the earth, the air, the sun, and the water. “We belong to the sun EP” it?s finally understanding that freedom is related to much simpler things of our world and nature. This EP also contains some remixes which fluctuate between the various musical currents of electronics, trance and industrial music, whose bands reflected their best inspection and art to make this work, something varied and interesting.