The Livelong June — Not So Good At Being Me

1.Not So Good At Being Me

New release from The Livelong June
A post new-romantic sound to introversion and self-criticism

Friday, August 19 marks a very special release. The release of the first single of The Livelong June’s second album. Lyric-wise the single is a logic step from where the debut ‘The Art of Living’ took off. Musically you will find a slicker sound, still with that special take the audience have proven to love.

The song ‘Not so good at being me’ dwells upon the struggles of being the best of you. It’s a product of depressive thoughts, self-criticism, and sadness. The sadness of not being able – capable – of being the best of yourself. The one you are meant to be and the one you know you are.

To balance things up, it’s yet another catchy electronic tune from the Sweden based duo. You’ll find musical influences from the 80s new romantic scene as well as the 90s alternative scene, blended with Scandinavian melancholy.



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