atmstc— The Hour of the Ghost

1. The Hour of the Ghost

The debut single of the St. Petersburg darkwave project atmstc – “The Hour of the Ghost” – is a preamble to a large-scale work that allows you to evaluate the key advantages of the formation and to give the listener an understanding about future work.

A depressive personal episode, life changes and an unstable emotional state had the greatest impact on the sound of the presented track
The composition keeps in suspense with its hypnotism, periodically replacing it with pressure and expectation of something inevitable and sinister. Measured ductility and
the monochromaticity of the parts create an absorbing premonition of danger.
The oldest musicians of the domestic dark scene took part in the recording: Mikhail “M.S.” Sokolov (Stillife, Pegasus Asteroid) and Pavel “JT” Zolin (Purple Fog Side).
Author of music, recording of synthesizers, programming – Pavel Shelekhov
Lyrics, melodeclamation, voice recording – Mikhail Sokolov
Guitar part and recording – Pavel Zolin
Mixing and mastering – Evgeny Suvorov
Cover author – Evgeniya Ledeshkova