New Version — To The Pieces / This Place

1.To The Pieces
2.This Place
3.To The Pieces (Irradiated Techtrance Remix By I.W.S.)
4.To The Pieces (HolocodeRMX)

How many bands do you know in the CIS playing classic old synth music in its recognizable cold guise? New Version is definitely one of them.
A band from Kaliningrad, which began to create back in the mid-90s on the wave of influence from the popular bands of the genre of that time. A lot of experiments, first ideological communities and a thirst for participation in a new chapter of musical history. In the music of New Version, the breath of the era is uncompromisingly perceptible. Melodies, intuitive song structure, flavor and nostalgia.
On the eve of the full-length album, we present to your attention the double single of the band “To the Pieces/ This Place” – a bunch of tracks of different moods, beautifully performed in a pair