Diakov — Cure

1.Cure (Single Version)
2.Cure (Irradiated With Sound F.A.T.F.F. Remix)
3.Cure (Even More Remix)
4.Cure (Live From P E O C T A T)
5.Under The Stars (А В Голове Море Remix)

When the relationship reaches a critical point, the hero experiences complex choice: whether to save them and, if so, how to heal them. What words can be the universal remedy for a healthy relationship?

Maxi single from upcoming debut album, romantic synth pop with elements of alternative indie pop inspired by The Cure and And Also The Trees. The release is complemented by remixes Irradiated With Sound, Even More (France) and a dance version of another composition from the upcoming album by a Moscow-based indie band.


Music – Max Karaganov, Kirill Diakov
Words – Kirill Diakov
Cover – Maxim Karaganov