Inner Conflict — Where Do We Go

1 Where Do We Go (Original)
2. WDWG (BIO Remix)
3.WDWG (Tokee/Diakov It’s Mortal Show Remix)
4.WDWG (Digital Machine Remix)
5.WDWG (Even More Remix)
6.WDWG (Givi Sherozia’s D.SIGNed Remix)
7.WDWG (Irradiated With Sound Remix)
8.WDWG (Remix by Chris Campos Synth)
9.WDWG (Respect Cover By Metronom!)
10.WDWG (Sector 516 Remix)

Time-Tested refined old-school synth-pop

The Bunch Of Sparkles From The Bonfire.
The Unique Prominent Synth-Pop Bands’ Musical Debate on “What Is This World Coming To?”
Following famous winsome synth musicians share their vision of the Inner Conflict’s Song.
Digital Machine, BIO, Even More, Sector 516, Irradiated With Sound, Diakov,Tokee, Metronom!, D.Sign and Chris Campos Synth
“PRAY” by Inner Conflict is the bonus to the compilation.
Hear Once – Remember Forever.

Vitaly Mikheyev (Vytalix) – Synths, Programming, Vocals
Artyom Babushkin (Bart) – Synths, Programming
Lyrics by Vytalix.
Cover Artwork theme based on canvas “Putniki” (Wayfarers) by
Russian painter IVAN DALMATOV (circa 1910)

IC is extremely grateful for the efforts invested to all those agreed to be involved into project.
Produced by Inner Conflict. WDWG and PRAY ©2023 Inner Conflict