Jonas Viger — Your Face

1.Your Face
2.Your Face (Extended Version)
3.Your Face(1983 Demo Remix)

Jonas Viger is a Synthpop artist from Finland.
He wasn’t even born yet when his biggest influences (Alphaville, Depeche Mode, Human League, early Ministry, Naked Eyes, OMD…) had taken their first steps, but he grew up listening to synthpop and started playing keyboards at 16.
At the age of 19, he signed his first recording contract with the record company, which was distributed by EMI Records. However, Joonas canceled the contract and focused on his studies and various music projects.
In 2012, he and his band Sad January signed a recording contract with the A Different Drum, and the debut album “Believe In Better” was released in early 2014. Not a single official single was released from the album, but the song “Love” ended up being played several times by Finland’s biggest mainstream channel YLEX, and the album has since gained a small cult reputation in Synthpop circles.
Since then, Jonas has been involved in various electronic music collections and now he is doing a solo record.
The first single is called “Your Face”. The song is a tribute to early 80’s Synthpop demos, but the sound is an authentic Jonas Viger sound. The album will be called “Imaginery Tapes” because Jonas is living in the imaginary 80s in the 2020s. With that, the songs are like time travel back to childhood, to the 80s.