Khmar — Lobotomy


Inhuman mechanisms from chthonic depths deliver to the living a new EP by the TBM project Khmar – “Lobotomy.” The project has now gained female harsh vocals performed by Geist des Staubes. Khmar’s music helps people realize their insignificance, embrace the meaninglessness of their lives, and their moral obsolescence. Lifeless synthesizers compel people to move in sync with chthonic demon-machines, while the human mind submits to the authority of synthetic intelligence.

Khmar is a techno-industrial project that creates music that is both haunting and powerful. Their sound is characterized by heavy beats, industrial soundscapes, and eerie samples combined with female harsh vocals that create a sense of unease and tension. The music of Khmar is often described as a journey through a dystopian world, where the listener is confronted with the harsh realities of cosmic chaos and forced to realize their own insignificance compared to the vastness of the chilling universe. Khmar’s music is not for the faint of heart, but for those who are willing to delve into the chthonic depths under the pulsations of ancient entities’ otherworldly rhythms.

Music by Ivan Mikhalchenkov
Voice and text by Ekaterina Khramchenko
Design by Lana Cardi
Mixing and mastering by Artem Afanasyev




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