The Ecstatic Spells — Amori Amara Sacrum

1.Amori Amara Sacrum (single edit)
2.Amori Amara Sacrum (Purple Fog Side remix)

The track owes its title ‘Amori Amara Sacrum’ to the famous Silver Age poet Maximilian Voloshin. It tells about the vicissitudes of such a feeling as love, which abruptly bursts into life and shamelessly changes the previous world of the lyrical hero, about fears and doubts.
On the single the band stays true to its formula, presenting the listener rhythmic goth rock with a noticeable touch of post punk and new wave, with a nostalgic sound referring to the bands of the 80s.
Remix by Pavel Zolin – the leader of the cult Russian project Purple Fog Side reveals the song from another side, plunging into an elegiac atmosphere, accompanied by hypnotic guitars and detached synthesizers.

Formed in 2012 and based in Krasnodar, The Ecstatic Spells (originally Phantoccini) combine goth rock guitar sound with atmospheric synthesizer electronics in their work. Introspective lyrics are full of gloomy images, but at the same time they are not devoid of hope and sometimes even the irony. The band’s proven recipe is melancholy multiplied by the rhythm.
‘The Ecstatic Spells are a nice surprise. With those nephiliac dark overtones and some curish layers here and there with added electronic that contribute to a dimension of its own to the music.’ (Simon Dreams In Violet). Also the trio received positive feedback from some of the luminaries of dark scene such as Aeon Sable, October Burns Black, Dance Or Die.
The band’s compositions were published on various music collections, repeatedly heard on Internet radio stations in more than a dozen countries around the world, and were also seen on the air of famous Mick Mercer.

Alexandr Demidov – vocals, lyrics
Alexandr Bondarenko – guitars, synthesizers, programming
Oleg Shopin – bass, guitars, backing vocals

Lyrics written by Alexandr Demidov.
Music composed by Alexandr Bondarenko.

Cover photo – Julia Kadel.
Cover design – Alora Jery, Satvrn Brvt.

Recorded & mixed by Dmitriy Barykin at NewAstralDimension Records.

Remix recorded by Pavel Zolin at JT Records.





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