New Version — Day I Remember (Remixes)

1.Day I Remember (IWS Techno Mix)
2.Day I Remember (Elektricon RMX)
3.Day I Remember (WANT/ed Pop Hit)
4.Day I Remember (Deimos Moon Remix)
5.Day I Remember (Atari Warriors Remix)
6.Day I Remember (Cover Version by Diakov)
7.Day I Remember (IWS Synth Mix)

“Day I Remember (REMIXES)” is a release from Kaliningrad synth music band NEW VERSION on the heels of the recently released single of the same name. On which, by the way, the official video was also filmed. This time the musicians enlisted the support of their colleagues and extend the “Day I Remember” chapter with a set of confident remixes from such bands as Atari Warriors, WANT\ed, Irradiated With Sound, Diakov, Deimos Moon and Elektricon. Those who like to listen with their eyes are in for a surprise – an alternative version of the video for the single will be released along with the remixes pack!