Irradiated With Sound — Sleep My Sorrow

1.Sleep My Sorrow (Demo Version)
2.Sleep My Sorrow (Original Version)
3.Sleep My Sorrow (Irradiated Drummix)
4.Sleep My Sorrow (Dark sadness Mix)
5.Sleep My Sorrow (Airy Voice Mix By I.W.S.)
6.Sleep My Sorrow (Elektricon RMX)
7.Sleep My Sorrow (Cyclone B Remix)
8.Sleep My Sorrow (The-Pulsar PG Remix)
9.Sleep My Sorrow (Diakov Remix)
10.In December (Purple Fog Side Instrumental Remix)

IRRADIATED WITH SOUND present to your attention the single of his new song “Sleep My Sorrow”, which is a continuation of our creativity, which in turn should be embodied in our third album. This song is about love, like many of our songs. Everyone has their own love and it’s different for everyone, but this song is suitable for everyone.

We express our deep gratitude to everyone who took part in the creation of this single:
Lana Cardi for the cover design.
The Pulsar, Diakov, Oleg Sergeev (Elektricon), Radmil Safin (Atari Warriors,Cyclone b), as well as the ScentAir Records label Vladimir Romanov and Alexander Kunaev for the release of this release. I would also like to thank PRIME Studio (Anton) for recording the vocals and our favorite sound engineer Sergei Tsykhr. I would like to express special gratitude to Pavel Zolin for his vision of our song “In December”; we could not help but include this remix in this release.

We are glad to cooperate with such talented and wonderful people! Until next time.