SarvaShakti — Mahakripa

01.Bhaj Nitaigour Radheshyam
02.Prema Data NitayBole Haribol
03.Hari Haraya Nama Krishna
04.Japa Hare krishna Hare Rama

Mahakripa (“The Big Gift” in Sanskrit) by SarvaShakti is a mysterious musical journey created in the ancient city of Vrindavan in India, who’s history goes back in time over 5,000 years ago. A secret land of mystics and yogis. The melodies and Mantras chant on this production are part of an ancient spiritual tradition that knows not frontiers of race, age, social status or anything “Good or Bad” created by the illusion of this world, but, the soul; our true self and the supreme consciousness who is beyond the human intelectual limits.