Synthetixxx — Magia De Cuatro (SA002)

01. Falsificacion
02. Rester Vivant
03. El Juego
04. Una Vez Mas
05. Horror Privado
06. El Dolor
07. Ritmo De Synthetixxx
08. Sexo Cosmico
09. Un Jour Que J’ Attends
10. Noche De Suenos
11. Le Vent Du Nord (Trance Version)


Magia de cuatro — a debut album of Moscow electronic formation SynthetiXXX though the group already has had time to receive certain popularity thanks to several online to releases and regular concert performances.

To the music of collective gravitating to electro pop with an impurity future pop, house and even trance, it is possible to remind all the best in modern western electronics and not thus similar to someone to be concrete.

The main distinctive feature of a quartet is the Spanish female vocal, not so often meeting on synth to a scene.

Both dancing insurgents, and lyrical slow compositions on Magia de cuatro are got by absolutely special atmosphere SynthetiXXX and, certainly, set of remembered melodies.