ManOK — Plod (SA005)

01. Nikto ne pomozhet
02. Dom v ogne
03. Ber po krivoy
04. Morfey
05. Nas dvoe
06. Fatalizm
07. Pogruzhenie
08. Rekviem po Kontsentratoru
09. Ty nauchil menya letat’
10. Ne budu vechnym
11. V posledniy boy
12. Nikto no pomozhet (Help-me-mix)
13. Rekviem po Kontsentratoru (HEX OF VOID DissectedTech Mix)
14. Nas dvoe (HEX OF VOID circular version)

Today the words «unique» and «unusual» in the description of modern music bands became too familiar to surprise. However, the band ManOK, «dark romantics» from sunny Odessa (Ukraine), really were born to surprise.

Creatively binding the elements of Darkwave, EBM and Synth-Goth, these experimenters of an electronic sound and a living word, create improbably atmospheric texts, impregnated with honest and bright internal experiences. Initially ManOK was the project of one person, but the time of foundation is considered to be autumn 2009, when Vsevolod Ananyev, the founder of band, got acquainted with the poetess and vocalist Darya Shitikova. Over time their creative union was organically expressed in the debut album “Plod”.

Concerts of ManOK combine song and poetic repertoire. As a result you see musical literary soirees on which music is closely bound with a rhyme and one work smoothly flows into another.


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