Inter Connection—Traces From Heaven (SA006)

01. You Could Be Kind
02. Shut My Eyes
03. Traces From Heaven
04. Cry
05. So Near So Far
06. Riding Out The Storm
07. Never Again
08. Silence
09. My Wilderness
10. What Can I Do ?
11. Reaching Out

The international synthpop / electronic band called INTER-CONNECTION signed to release worldwide on CD its first album, called “Traces From Heaven”, with the Russian Label, the ScentAir Records.

The band is already well known in Europe and USA, thanks to its typical synthpop and electronic sound, with strong influences directly from the 80’s and 90’s classics of Depeche Mode, Tears For Fears, Erasure, Yazoo, Ultravox, Eurythmics, Soft Cell, Nitzer Ebb, Fad Gadget, Kraftwerk and many others.

Actually many radio stations in UK, Belgium, France, Mexico and Israel are playing INTER-CONNECTION songs.

INTER-CONNECTION music has a full sound. The many synths used have a vintage touch together with a modern powerful intensity. The voices give to the songs a well-defined personality: the sweet and soulful voice of Revital Ben Hemo give a deep spiritual and heavenly touch to the songs, while the strong but smooth voice of Giuseppe Calandrini can tell you about love stories, but also about wicked vampire tales too.

INTER-CONNECTION were founded by René Tebbe (Germany) and Paul Rodger (UK) as a Yazoo cover band, in December 2010. They started making covers of old time classics from Erasure and Yazoo bands. Then added Depeche Mode covers recorded with Revital Ben Hemo ‘s voice, and then the last member who joined the band was Giuseppe Calandrini, first singing on Ultravox, Tears for Fears and Eurythmics covers.

Then INTER-CONNECTION turned writing original songs, so Paul Rodger decided to remain outside of the official line up to give some of his support only writing part of the lyrics on the first 2 albums, but keeping himself out from all the rest.

INTER-CONNECTION also released their second album with a worldwide famous label from USA.