V/A — We Love Synthpop (SA008)

CD 1
01. Bradley – Reaction
02. Vanished – Lighthouse
03. ETH – No Room For Me
04. Cold Connection – Arrival
05. Brand New Day – In The Zone
06. Le Plan – Listen Well
07. SilencioPersonal – Withered Life (People Theatre´s Trust Mix)
08. Nouvelle Culture – Mathilde
09. Dawnfine – Imagination
10. Cylix – So Much For Love (ForeSin Rmx)
11. Synthetixxx – Falsification (Mеntal Discipline Remix)
12. TourdeForce – Blame (feat. Lisa P. Duse)
13. Diskarnate – Seven Sorrows
14. A Blue Ocean Dream – Part Of My Life
15 .Head-Less – You (Channel East Remix)

CD 2
01. The Mystic Underground – Pride Of St. Mark´s
02. Arachnophobias – Can´t Feel The Pain (Ethereal Remix 2012)
03. Nadia Sohaei – Magic Light (Magic Mix)
04. Vaylon – Walk The Earth
05. Inter-Connection – Faith
06. Xanthippe – It Would Be Better
07. Nova Pulsar – Ungidos
08. Technique – So Cold (Floor Mix)
09. Vainerz – You Create It (Mr. Bouvain Remix)
10. Davos – Thoughtful Eyes
11. Sharon Next – Der Hase (Sebastian Komor´s Vancouver Remix)
12. Theatre Of Masquerade – As The Sun
13. Four8ties – Where Do We Go
14. Future Perfect – Paradise (Kinky Boots Remix)
15. The Thought Criminals – Pay Her To Lay

The first official compilation of the synth group “We Love…Synthpop” in the most famous social network is coming!

“We Love…Synthpop – The Album” will be released on ScentAir Records including unreleased and exclusive tracks by Vanished, Cold Connection, Le Plan, TourdeForce, Diskarnate, Vaylon, Theatre Of Masquerade, Technique, Inter-Connection, A Blue Ocean Dream, Cylix, Vainerz…as well as also exclusive remixes by People Theatre, Mental Discipline, Channel East and Sebastian Komor.

“We Love…Synthpop – The Album” born as an idea to promote bands around the world, so you will have fun listening to melodic songs from Sweden, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Austria, Greece, Italy, USA…

The double cd compilation will be available on cd in a limited edition worldwide (400) and digital through online stores.