WANT/ed — A Few Steps Behind The Sun (SA009)

01. Start To Live
02. Youre Right
03. Secret Dialogs
04. Never Will Take It Back
05. Do I Know
06. What A Desire
07. Go Up
08. Sounds
09. Models
10. Will Not Regret
11. Start To Live(Redline Remix)
12. Youre Right(Dark Phenomenon Remix)
13. Secret Dialogs(Logika Metro Remix)
14. Never Will Take It Back(Fear Of Grace Remix)
15. Do I Know(Nogales & Kuchinke Alternative Remix)
16. What A Desire(Sleekey Mix)
17. Go Up(Sleekey Midnight Tokyo)
18. Models(Starlane Rmx)

The world of electronic pop music is waiting for bright newcomers this year and one them is going to be a Russian group WANT/ed. Guys play actual synth-pop in English spiced with sensitive vocals and beautiful melodies.

A Few Steps Behind the Sun — this is the title of their debut longplay! Various musical solvations, sticky choruses and rich electronic sound will melt good music followers’ hearts! Also there will be very interesting mixes from talented djs and bands as bonuses.

The album is produced by a well-known Norwegian musician Isak Rypdal who has such successful projects as Dr.No, Disco Valentine, Freeloader, Electro Spectre.