Spreading Point — re-start (SA011)

01. Turning Point (People Theatre’s Curve Mix)
02. Zeit der Unbefangenheit (Supercraft Remix)
03. My Sweet Jana (Conductor’s Version)
04. Eternity (Sternenstaub Version)
05. Emotional Ice Age (F.P. Remix)
06. Time Travelers (Clockwork Version)
07. Verloren (People Theatre’s Rache Mix)
08. Precious One (Light Up Faces Version)
09. Space Age Romance (Lustobjekt Meets SP)
10. Thrill Of Joy
11. Turning Point (Cloned Metal Mix)
12. Zeit der Unbefangenheit (Dark Phenomenon Remix)
13. Emotional Ice Age (Lustobjekt Rework)
14. Verloren (Stutter Edit)
15. Space Age Romance (People Theatre’s Odyssey Mix)

REVIEW from medienkonverter.de (DE): Es ist schon bewundernswert: Da veröffentlicht eine Band nach längerer schöpferischer Pause ihr Comeback-Album, vertreibt dieses in Eigenregie, fertigt hingebungsvoll vier limitierte Singles mit exklusiven Remixen an – und wird schlussendlich doch noch mit einem Plattenvertrag belohnt. Auf dem russischen Newcomer-Label „Scent-Air“ erscheint dieser Tage das Re-mix-Re-Start Album „Re-Start (Re-Mixed)“… Read more

Sharing a common enthusiasm for electronic pop music, Olaf Himmelmann and Sandro Ringeling founded SPREADING POINT back in 1993.

During their early years, the German duo self-released the albums «Confused Conditions» [1994], «Second Step To Heaven» [1996] и «…At First Sight» [1998].

Following a period of silence for more than 10 years, the band re-emerged in 2010 with the long-player «re-start», Still alive and kicking, SPREADING POINT recorded 4 singles taken from «re-start» which were released through the band’s official facebook page.

Their latest work is a compilation of remixes from the “re-start” period with contributions from prominent musicians from the scene and distributed by the Russian label ScentAir Records.

SPREADING POINT stands for melodious electronic music influenced by 80s synthpop and is well known for classic songwriting and catchy vocal lines.

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