Fate Creator — Creator Of Fate (SA012)

01. Creator Of Fate
02. Bitten
03. Dead Or Alive
04. Flight To Jupiter
05. Forever Alone
06. Policy Of Truth (Depeche Mode Cover)
07. My Enemy
08. Silent Planet
09. Fallen Angel
10. So Far So Good
11. Run!
12. Not Adventure
13. We Trust In You

What if five people with absolutely different music preferences start a project based on style they heard only once. They took oldschool sythpop, added NDH heavy guitar sound, futurepop energy, some mainstream club music, and mixed it with expressive singing filled with love to rock and disco. They denied any cliches and bounds. They crowned it with texts about love, space travelling and star wars.

Fate Creator, they called it. The style is post-synthpop. It’s a young band from Yekaterinburg, Russia, founded in 2009. Many sets in their native city and Chelyabinsk they had with young and famous Russian groups.

“Silent Planet” video is to publish soon along with single of the same name.

“Creator of Fate” – The debut album of group.

the Fate Creator is:

Vladimir “Tom Wolaf” Polunin – lead singing, keyboard, programming, guitar.

Alexander “Gorokh” Goroshko – guitar

Niyaz “Dark Nefas” Zakirov – Bass, guitar, back singing

Eduard “Edward Gaham” Khaliullin – keyboard, programming

Alexander “Kain” kostylev – drums, keyboard, programming


Facebook – link