ManOK— In the Empyrean (SA015)

1. In the Empyrean
2. In the Empyrean (SORRY/FORGET – reconstruction mix)
3. In the Empyrean (Techstep RMX by Hex of Void)
4. In the Empyrean (the_maaaigs remix)
Bonus: 5. auto-da-Fé (radio edit)

ManOK band, Darkwave-experimenters from Odessa, presented a new Web-release, which includes one of the songs from the upcoming album, short radio version of another album song and three official remixes. The single was called by the name of the title track – «In the Empyrean.»

Music and lirycs by Vsevolod Ananiev.
Vocals B. Ananiev, Daria Shytikova
Guitar Constantinus Topolenko
Sound Engineers Sergei Goncharenko, Ananyev
Cover Fragile Studio photo Alexander Hudik
Mixing, mastering S. Goncharenko, Studio “Sea”, Odessa 2013
© 2013 ManOK.