Sir Joe — Universal Laws (SA021)

01. End Of The Line
02. Call It Yesterday
03. Time And Time Again
04. Tear It To Pieces
05. The Call
06. A Hundred Days
07. Since I Have You
08. Omega Revolution
09. The Universal Laws
10. End Of The Line (Egoamp Linedance Remix)
11. Time And Time Again (Dark Phenomenon Remix)

Sir Joe, born Sergio Bersanetti, is an Italian songwriter. He started recording his music in 1994, shortly after moving to Connecticut for working reasons. At that time, his set of tools was very simple: an Ensoniq SQ1 workstation, a Fostex 4 tracks recorder, a cheap microphone and an effect box.

After having recorded about 50 songs in different styles, the year 2000 saw the big switch from analog to digital, which coincided with another relocation, this time to Munich. The much greater flexibility offered by the digital environment allowed for a big improvement in the quality of his recordings, and also offered a much wider choice of sounds. Nevertheless, Sir Joe still considers his “analog period” as very instructive, because the restrictions imposed by the tools forced him to use them at their maximum potential, and allowed him to learn a lot about recording and mixing techniques.

During the following eight years, Sir joe developed his own personal style, blending synth-pop with other genres, from blues to rock, ambient and techno, until in June 2008 the song “The sign of Virgo” was featured on the cd of the British magazine “Future Music”. This event convinced him to open his own website, and to start working seriously on an album. The result was ‘The Observer”, which was released in June 2011 and is still on sale worldwide.

“Universal Laws” is the natural evolution of “The Observer”, and includes nine tunes, plus 2 remixes by different artists, which are offered as bonus tracks. Although not a concept album per se, “Universal Laws” is centered towards two main themes: regret or suffering caused by past episodes, and hope for the future via spiritual evolution.

One method to achieve this evolution is revealed in the album’s title track. The idea, in fact, is that when we know how the universal laws work, we can use them to our advantage and set our life in the direction we choose. The concept derives from the ‘New Thought Movement”, which was developed in the United States at the end of the 19th century, and is nowadays finding scientific endorsement via quantum physicsexperiments.

Each song of “Universal Laws” deals with one or sometimes both of the above illustrated themes, and since the music follows the mood of the lyrics, some songs are fast and aggressive, while others are more quiet and meditative. The unique style of Sir Joe though, which comprises tempo changes, articulated arpeggios and surprising twists, is maintained throughout the album.”


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