One Vista — Changing Places (SA023)

01.White Horses
02.Part the Seas
03.More to Life
04.Never Let Go
05.Get Up
06.Come Crawling
07.Nothing Else
08.Not Scared
09.Too Often
10.The Game
11.It’s Over
13.The Darkest Night
14.Can’t Say That

One Vista is a UK based electronic pop band featuring Jules (vocals) and Roger (music). Together they have been writing songs for over 10 years as part of a number of band formations.

One Vista (or Vista as they were previously known) have written and produced four well received albums. The latest one is called ‘Changing Places’ and sees the band incorporate a few guitar sounds in to their trademark electro-pop. The song White Horses taken from the album has recently been named ‘demo of the week’ on ‘London Café: the Best of Indie FM radio show. The element that links all their albums is that they always set out to write infectious, catchy melodies often set against lyrics which capture the ups and downs of everyday life.

The duo have played many gigs over the years, the highlight probably being when they supported Dyko featuring ex-Kraftwerk member (and musical hero!) Wolfgang Flur. They have played at The Purple Turtle venue in London as part of the well known ‘Bedsitland’ night, at ‘Synthetic’ which is a regular synth pop event in London, plus gigs at places such as London’s Dublin Castle.

They have been regularly featured on Norwich’s Future Radio station and enjoy radio play across a range of stations both FM and digital in many countries. They have also picked up many fans who listen in to their plays on Jango radio and have also had a song featured on Conzoom’s ‘electropop 4’ compilation CD.

Other highlights include regular features in Norwich’s ‘Triangle’ magazine, great reviews in their local press and having one of the songs of the month in prestigious magazine Future Music.

One Vista have also completed several well received remixes for other artists and have had many of their own songs remixed by a variety of dance producers.


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