WANT/ed — Harmony Under Construction (SA025)

01. Lust
02. Sweet Time
03. Show Me
04. Special
05. Dreams Are Not The End
06. The More We Want
07. Full Of Grace
08. Is Good
09. Anything To Give
10. Under Skies
11. Sensitive [v.2]
12. Show Me [how not to feel] feat. Digitalmodel
13. Musique Industrielle

REVIEW from medienkonverter.de (DE): Wenn es tatsächlich ein Land gäbe, in denen unser geliebter Synthpop auf seine alten Tage noch einen „Boom“ erlebte, dann wäre dies zweifellos Russland. Binnen weniger Jahre ist aus dem weißen Fleck der elektronischen Poplandkarte ein Schmelztiegel neuer, interessanter Bands geworden, von denen es einige Protagonisten wert wären, von einer breiten Hörerschaft entdeckt zu werden… Read more

Russian synthpop band WANT/ed who already earned recognition and love from fans worldwide last year for their outstanding debut A FEW STEPS BEHIND THE SUN is now back with a brand new release!

The album named Harmony Under Construction opens the new page in band’s history. This time guys tried to use some different paints to draw the already recognizable sound. As a result is ten diversified tracks: pure melancholy, serene harmony and full of optimism at the same time. Ten different chapters in a book named Harmony Under Construction.

The band WANT/ed from Kaliningrad was founded in 2011. The debut album A Few Steps Behind the Sun was released in 2012.


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