Saint Gooseberry — Perfect Pair (SA028)

1. Perfect Pair
2. In State of Becoming Perfect
3. Perfect Pair (Basedboy Kushed Remix)
4. Love to Hate You / Captaint of a Broken Heart

On the eve of first full length album, alternative electronic band SAINT GOOSEBERRY from Belarus presents their first single PERFECT PAIR.

Harsh and intense electronic music combined with strong vocals, variable mood changing throughout the song leading to a melodic chorus – that’s PERFECT PAIR – a perfect example of what SAINT GOOSEBERRY music is all about.

Right now Saint Gooseberry are:
Anatoly Kuris – vocals, programming
Kiril Kush – guitar, back vocals
Valery Sokolov – additional programming, fx

Contact information:
Facebook: link link
Soundcloud: link