Radiomun — Now (SA030)

01. Now
02. Sip
03. Go to the Core
04. Now (Twisted Destiny Remix)
05. Now (The Lost in Desire RePerforMix)
06. Now (People Theatre’s Smile Mix)

RADIOMUN have come unexpectedly and are here to stay for long, it’s a fact. Have come absorbing newfangled sound of the West, mixing it with vocals and synth-futurepop world and offering you something absolutely fresh! Events are moving fast, full-length album – this May!

Bite your piece off – single “Now” is in front of you, one of the RADIOMUN’s faces.

Undoubtedly life-asserting track packed with remixes from european collegues and a couple extras. Be open to new and it comes with RADIOMUN.

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