Electro Planet — Way to the Planet (SA032)

1. Way to the Planet
2. In Glare Of Roads
3. Wonderful Life
4. Somewhere In Dreams (instrumental)
5. Blazing Shine
6. Thing Called Love
7. Live On You Night
8. Blazing Shine (Shining Sun remix by Raspatory)
9. Way to the Planet (Remix by Raspatory)
10. Way to the Planet (Remix by Ed Reik)

REVIEW from voxempirea.com (EN): Russians from Ryazan, Electro Planet are the spokespersons of a technological-pop characterially sentimental, danceable and futuristic. The band, formed in 2011, counted at that time only its two founders, Andrey Nigrovskiy (vox) and Sergey Mokhov (synths / programming), both animated by the intention to emulate the sounds belonging to the most famous electropop bands… Read more

REVIEW from medienkonverter.de (DE): Mit einer ganzen Reihe von Veröffentlichungen möchte das Label Scent Air Records den frühsommerlichen Musikmarkt bereichern. Neben einigen genretypischen Alben des eher melancholischen Synthpops, ist mit der flotten Scheibe “Way To The Planet” der russischen Formation “Electro Planet” auch eine echte Gute-Laune-Perle auf dem Importweg nach Deutschland – Grund genug für den Medienkonverter, einmal genauer hinzuhören… Read more

«Way To The Planet» – the name of the debut album by russian electro-romantic band Electro Planet, which was released on April 25! From the romantic synthpop melodies to the energetic rhythms of dance music – such paints reveals itself Electro Planet on this release. «Way To The Planet» is the start point for the band, the first step of the “Way”. Energy and romantic melancholy, nostalgia and futuristic rhythms, but most importantly – sincere stories about simple but important nature feelings of long journey romantic wanderers. A journey that was slightly forgotten nowadays of neon lights.

The Mood of the city lights at night, dark starry sky and distant cosmic wanderings – in the lonely dreams and inner feelings. Forward to the boundless world of sound and space! Want to be part of the universe? Welcome to Electro Planet! Godspeed!

The debut album by “electronic romantics” Electro Planet called «Way To The Planet» was released on April 25, 2014 at Scent Air Records.


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