United and Identified — Moments of Evolution (SA033)

1. Open Portal
2. Union Spark
3. Millennium
4. Saviour Complex
5. Choices Before Sunrise
6. One Last Goodbye
7. X-Truth-e
8. Mirror Of Denial
9. Borrowed Time
10. Fallen Angels
11. Guardian
12. Mindset

img align=”left” src=”/css/images/pin.png” title=”” style=”margin-right: 10px;”/>REVIEW from voxempirea.com (EN): The biographical aspects of the Belgian United And Identified are exhaustively treated within the previous review regarding the EP of 2012 titled “At The Border Of The Line”, whose description is available in this 2014 section of Vox Empirea… Read more

United and Identified announced the release of their new album “Moments of Evolution”.The album has 10 new tracks and 2 tracks which originate of the E.P. “A the border of the line”, released in 2012.

“It has taken us a long time to finalize the album” says Steve, “but I am happy with results. As an artist you are never really finished with your music, so at a certain point the other members convinced me to talk things to the next level and release the album. “Moments of Evolution” is branded by the lyrics and vocals. “Steve’s lyrics are the driver behind the tracks and pushed by the supporting synths”, states Sammy. Sammy’s behind the scene position took a bigger part within this album as was key in creating this album. Moments of evolution is the result of over a year hard working on skills both within production and mixing and it shows off. The album brings the fans of cross over future pop, synthpop and dance a real bang for the buck. It continues the direction United and identified started back in late 2012 and has the potential of delivering a couple of dance floor killers for all the dj’s out there.

United and Identified base formed in 2004, but has shaped shifted quite some times. In 2012 the current United and Identified was finally shaped and brings you a cross over between dance, trance, future pop, electro and EDM. UnI has released one E.P “At the border of the line – 2012” and one album “The early years – 2013 [Digital only]”. United and Identified is founded and located in Belgium.


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