Cosmopolite — Hypno (SA040)

1. Hypno (Intro)
2. No Pain
3. Градус
4. Во Лжи
5. Голос
6. 100 Дорог
7. Числа
8. Прости
9. I Can Be Free
10. Hold Your Hand

REVIEW from (DE): Letztens erreichte ein kleines Päckchen aus Russland die Redaktion, das einige Veröffentlichungen des Labels ScentAir Records enthielt. Eine davon ist das neueste Werk des weißrussischen Trios Cosmopolite, das bis jetzt hierzulande wohl nur absoluten Insidern bekannt sein dürfte… Read more

Belorussian band COSMOPOLITE pleased to announce long-awaited album «HYPNO». The band was founded in 2009 by belorussian musician Egor Strazhevich (vocals, music, lyrics), ukrainian musical talent Vladimir Gubarenko aka V2G (music), as well as another belorussian musician with polish roots Stanislav Shipitsyn (vocals, lyrics).

It wasn’t the purpose to put the album into a strict stylistic boundaries of one’s musical direction. Here are the organic blend of styles such as synthpop, industrial, new age, dubstep, as well as classic and alternative rock. Through a combination of different musical styles, we able to create our original sound, to give songs more expressive atmosphere, the maximum transmition the entire range of feelings, which are described in the release, and the presence of melodic vocal line adds some romantic touch.


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